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Pivot Doors & Windows

Minimal Architectural Glazing offers bespoke pivot doors for external and internal purposes with a variety of materials and glass options.

Pivot doors and windows are used to make the entry points in your house appear more attractive. They are good choice if you want to have extra-large doors and windows since the mechanism is designed to handle them smoothly. They are also considered also a great choice when it comes to modern architectural design projects. If you are looking formodern, classy doors or windows for your house, choose pivot with confidence as they can be manufactured in various styles, designs and colours.

Pivot doors and windows are supported by a pivot at the bottom with another pivot at the top of the door or window. Unlike single/double doors and windows, pivot system does not require a large clearance area.


Lebanon Park

Twickenham, London, UK

Lawn Road

Belsize Park, London, UK