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At Minimal Architectural Glazing, our customers can choose a number of features to complement their architectural glazing products. These features are widely used in current property development projects to enhancetheefficiency, durability and appearance aspects of the buildings.

Thermal break

Thermal break is a popular feature which is widely used in most metal framed architectural glazing products to enhance efficiency of buildings by preventing the flow of thermal energy. In other words, it acts a thermal barrier in glazing product’s frames to preserve the inside temperature for longer period of time.The barrier securely bonds the interior and exterior metal frames of glazing products.

Thermal breaks are normally made of materials with lowestthermal conductivity to create thermal energy loss resistance in order to keeps interior space of the home at desired temperature.

At Minimal Architectural Glazing, we manufacture most of our architectural glazing products with thermal break alloy sections. It can extremely reduce the amount of energy to maintain a certain level of temperature in both cold and hot weather conditions.

Solar control glass

A solar control glass has special coating designed to reduce the heat entering a building through the glass. It absorbs and reflects heat and filters light to mitigate glare. They provide effective solutions for large and small glazed areas of buildings by making them more efficient.

With a solar control glass, you can eliminate the need for blinds and reduce the amount of energy consumed by air-conditioners, hence they can be used to provide a more comfortable environment for living. There are different kinds of solar control glass – neutral, reflective and tinted. This advanced feature in glazing product allows sunlight to traverse a glass while reflecting sun’s heat.

Solar control glassis not necessarily a mirrored, tinted or coloured glass, though such finishes may be applied for aesthetic purposes. Solar control glass units are typically double-glazed which means they are properly insulated.

Powder coating

Powder coating is a dry finish powder that consists of finely ground particles of polymer resin and pigment. Once it is applied to the surface, the powder is changed completely with heat to form a layer on different objects.
Powder coating makes architectural glazing products extremely durable and provide a high level of resistance to corrosion and abrasion. In addition, powder coating finishpreserves the appearance of glazing products for years and enable them to appear bright and vivid while preventing colour fading for a long period of time.
Powder coating is very popular due to its affordability and advantages when it comes to manufacturing glazing products.

At Minimal Architectural Glazing, we offer powder coating in different colours and finishes including metallic, clear finishes, high and low gloss to compliment your glazing products.