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Bi-Folding Doors & Windows

Minimal Architectural Glazing provide bespoke bi-fold doors and windows with different types of metal frames and a host of glass options. Bi-foldingdoors and windows are perfect fit for large rooms, balconies, porches, gardens,swimming pools and other places with large openings. The system is modern, sleek,simple to use and cost effective.

Bi-fold doorscan be very useful if you want to open the majority of your elevation and for places where the inside and outside should be merged. They also require a very small clearance area, which make them perfect for small places.

Bi-folds provide easy opening and closing mechanisms without any complications of those swinging doors. They are one of the latest products in the market with immense popularity anywhere the entrance should be almost invisible.


Lebanon Park

Twickenham, London, UK

Lawn Road

Belsize Park, London, UK