• Galvanised Steel

    Galvanised Steel

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel is a popular metal which is widely used in architectural glazing products. It is made of a protective zinc coating which is applied to steel in order to prevent premature corrosion and rust. Without proper protection, steel will rust over time due to weather conditions.

The most prominent features of galvanised steel are its elasticity modulus and thermal conductivity, which are 3 times higher and 4 time lower than aluminium respectively.

All of our galvanised steel materials are provided by SeccoSistemi which are made of the steel alloy FeP02 with hot zinc covering GZ200 (200g/m3 on both sides) to prevent any internal or external oxidisation. Galvanised steel profiles are available in a wide range of colours and versions including gloss, semi-gloss and sandblasted.


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