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    Our projects are carefully handled from the very first stage until the assembly phase . After the (rilievo misure) on the ground


We turned ideas into
works of art

  • Our projects are carefully handled from the very first stage until the assembly phase . After the (rilievo misure) on the ground, we go ahead with the following phases by customizing the project according to the specific communicative and chromatic needs.

    The main stage consists in the design of each light beam, by always adapting the (coerenza architettonica) to the construction style. This is why our service is particularly appropriate for restauration works.

    The next stage regards the manufacturing process taking place in our production workshop. The proven experience and dedication of our operators make our product one of the top “Made in Italy” brands in this sector.


Sliding Doors
& Windows

Sliding doors and windows are a great choice for medium and large openings


Frameless glass balustrades are also very popular in residential development projects and can be used both


Minimal Architectural Glazing provide bespoke bi-fold doors and windows with different types of metal


Over the past years, Rooflights have become a trendy product which are almost used in any new luxury

Single/Double Doors & Windows

We provide made to order single and double entry doors and windows based on our customer’s requirements

Pivot Doors & Windows

Minimal Architectural Glazing offers bespoke pivot doors for external and internal purposes with a variety of materials

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets aremainly used to prevent insects from entering the house and can be used for both windows


Site Survey

Shop Drawing

Cutting, Manufacturing & Assembly

Packing & Shipping




Invisibility and design in an innovative sliding system that frees your home vision and enhances the architecture of any environment.

With 70 years of experience, Secco Sistemi is the leading Italian brand in the production of integrated systems for doors, windows and shutters, and façades in galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten or weathering steel and brass. Every year it transforms 2 million metres of section bars in 200,000 doors and windows.

The enhancement of human capital, staff training, attention to the environment, care for relationships, investment policies in research and development. Windows, shutters, doors, doors. Each type of window frame comes from the hands of a craftsman and has inside the history and experience of those hands.