• How We Work

    How We Work

Our glaziers at Minimal Architectural Glazing have been trained to follow a step by step procedurefrom start to finishto ensure that our clients receivehigh qualitybespoke glazing products within the shortest possible time.

Site Survey

The first step in every project is to conducta thorough site survey where exact measurements of the site will be carefully recordedto ensure the end products fit without any complications.
We will also talk with the project manager or architectin order to have a better understanding of their requirements andto ensure that all aspects of the job are done smoothly.

Shop Drawing

The next step is for our in-house architects to produce shop drawing based on the recorder measurements and other requirements discussed during the site survey. Our experienced architects will produce shop drawings considering several factors and in accordance with the latest rules and regulations to ensure maximum safety after installation.

Cutting, Manufacturing and Assembly

Once our architects are done with the drawing and after they are approved by the client, we start the manufacturing process by carefully following the shop drawings.
We are working with world-renowned metal and glass manufacturers including SeccoSistemi to manufacture bespoke architectural glazing products. All of our glazing products are manufactured by our experience engineers in our factory in Italy. It is well equipped with latest machinery and technology to ensure optimal level of precision and quality.
With in-house production, you can be assured that each of our products meet the demands of customers before they leave the factory.

Packaging and Shipping

After carefully manufacturing your bespoke glazing products, we start packing the products and prepare them for delivery.
We will then deliver your products within the shortest possible time. We take all necessary steps to ensureall products arrive safely on site in the same condition as they were when they left our factory.


Once the products are delivered to the property, we will arrange for ourin-house team of glaziers to take care of the installation process at a convenient time. They have years of experience in installing variety of glazing products and have been trained to pay attention to details.