• Brass



Brass is a widely known alloy made of zinc and copper and it is very popular in old and new architectural projects. The beautiful colour and gleam of this alloy along with its physical characteristics such as hardness and resistance to corrosion, make it a perfect choice for luxury and traditional property development projects.

When brass is exposed to air, it can develop a level self-protection which makes an ideal fit for difficult weather conditions and maritime environments in particular.

Brass is another type of metal which our customers can choose for their architectural glazing products. Like other metals, the brass profiles we work with are provided by SeccoSistemi. They use the alloy OT67 in their brass profiles which is made of 67% copper and 33% zinc. The high percentage of copper makes the brass corrosion resistant and zinc provides an improved level of hardness and a higher braking load. It also comes in two different types of finishes, glossy and burnished.


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